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“The whole event was very well staged for an introduction to Model UN conferences.” 

Students prepared for the conference by reading the DISEC background guide on nuclear nonproliferation authored by Nathan Emery and preparing position papers. They traveled from three states to experience a packed day of events:

  • A riveting keynote from Jeffrey Laurenti
  • A writing workshop from AHMUNC 2014 Secretary-General Nathan Emery
  • Training in Model UN from AHMUNC 2014 Chargé d’Affaires Nicholas Pearson
  • Presentation of benefits of Model United Nations from Nicholas Emery, a University of Pennsylvania student
  • Debated, collaborated and passed two resolutions about nuclear non proliferation
AHMUNC 2014 Group Photo

Delegates represented Ukraine, Republic of Korea, United States of America, Turkey, Egypt, China, Japan, Norway, Iran, Mongolia, Spain, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, Australia, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Germany, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Canada, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Iraq, France, Sweden, Algeria



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